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Dan Mar Co

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Hi, I'm Paul,
a Skilled Food Safety Professional serving Red Meat, Poultry and Seafood Industry for over 20 years!

The Food Safety Industry requires dedicated team as things change in food safety, process controls, on-site support and much more.

I didn't always work in the Food Safety Industry. I was involved in installation and support of chemical feed equipment in Water, Waste, Industry Process Safety such as produce, retorts and other water handling of food.

Together my experience, led to my developing a proprietary methods that led to Olas Ti and other currently used Meat application of Acidified Sodium Chlorite. You may recognize XG-940 a 7120.1 an approved safe suitable ingredient, which is an offspring of my effort.

I utilize my knowledge to work successfully with Citric Acid under 7120.1

My background and team support makes me the most suitable to help you and I will. Thanks for your interest in Dan Mar Co.

What Can I Do For You?

I am hired to meet with Facility Ownership, HACCP Mangers, Production Managers and Plant Engineers. No facility is too small or large, where I can be of service. Nominated AMI Supplier on the year in 2010! My hard work and dedication help's our relationship succeed.

Administrative Support

Supporting documentation can be hard to understand, but I have created and participated in several validation studies.

Customer Support

As a customer of Dan Mar Co., you receive support for the products you purchase. Each product is covered by product liability insurance.

Project Management

It takes time to start a new project or support a present project so let's get you on the calendar.

Social Media Management

Like everyone I have serviced in the last twenty years, I have a family. I have four adult children, six grandkids and one great grandchild. I enjoy life with them as often as I can!

Data & Research

In twenty plus years I have service five Cargill Meat Solution plants, two National Beef plants and forty plus medium size meat facilities.

Personal Assistant

I know USDA and State Inspectors can ask a lot of you, but I am only a phone call away.

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