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Innovative Tools In Food Safety


We have learned innovative tools achieve our food safety goals. Air

purification assists in controlling the spread of food borne/air-borne

cross-contamination of pathogens. Controlling the handling of product reduces

cross-contamination of pathogens as well.

Air Purification and filtering reduces a broad spectrum of micro-organisms. $ 850.00 Air scrubber with UV light disinfection (as seen on this page). Commercial Dehumidifier to manage efficient temperature concerns that lead to harmful bacteria activity. Do you have questions? We have answers.


It is a common practice to use safe suitable ingredients to reduce cross-contamination on food processing lines. We offer wash down conveyor systems and attachable antimicrobial spray systems to address handling contamination. 6 foot conveyor with 12 inch belt for $8182.00 (as seen on this page)

One button dispenser $350.00

Do you have questions? We have answers.

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