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Calcium Hypochlorite for Hunters

Hunters, start your yield in the field!

When you gut an animal, you intended to eat or give to charity, why wouldn't you be open minded to start your surface mold control in the field. Without mold control, once you get to a custom slaughter facility, you have already effected how much protein/meat is usable because of mold. I will be glad to send for you one gram tablet/pill that can be mixed in one gallon or less and spray that carcass thoroughly. A good harvest is a controlled harvest.

USDA has approved Calcium Hypochlorite for use on meats (Deer and Hogs) and poultry (Turkey and Dove) at 50 ppm free available chlorine. (7120.1 Safe Suitable Ingredient Approved)

Mold can cause odor on the meat and bacteria growth. Ask your custom slaughter about mold and how it affects usable meat. Cooling/refrigeration can sometimes be a problem in the locker. Calcium Hypochlorite on the carcass will minimize the effect.

Fill out form below and get you complimentary (free) sample. When you mix your solution, compare the ppm strip to the ppm reader below to see where you are. Dilute with water to get to 50 ppm your approved level. Your free 1 gram sample comes with five strips so you can get use to mixing you appropriate amount. Mixing instructions comes with your free samples. Thank you for being a safe hunter!

Strip Reader for Calcium Hypochlorite PPM 2022.jpg

Mixing is easy. Take one Calcium Hypochlorite tablet and drop to bottom of one gallon spray container. Fill halfway with water and test your parts per million with provided test strip. Fill the rest of the way if needed to achieve 50 ppm. Use the ppm comparator above to confirm your usable ppm. Remember, the pump-up sprayer can be carried to the field in your ice chest, use prepared solution as needed.
Call me if you have questions.

one gallon spray for calcium hypochlorite.jpg

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