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XG-940 is a 9.4 % Sodium Chlorite solution for Meat, Pork and Chicken

XG-940 is recognized as an effective antimicrobial agent listed in USDA 7120.1 Safe Suitable Ingredients. Its approved use is 0 to 1200 ppm Acidified Sodium Chlorite and 0 to 30 ppm Free Chlorine Dioxide. The application pH is 3.5 to 7.5.

Several validation studies have been introduced by the scientific community. I personally was involved in an extensive collaboration with USDA in the Research facility in Clay Center Nebraska.

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The Value Added Pricing for XG-940 330 gallon
tote is $ 21.82 per gallon FOB factory (Norman, OK).
When metered to 1200 ppm, the price per
gallon is $ 21 cents. Request information today or issue a
Purchase Order. Thanks for your interest!

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