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Olas Ti and what is difference?

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Skilled Administrative Support Professional with 20 Years USDA and State Regulations Experience

So many components to the Olas Ti could be complicated, but I have spent my career helping many fortunate companies achieve their salmonella performance standard.

E-coli, Salmonella, food spoilage organisms and functional usage.

More learning videos available at the following link (1) Dan Mar Co - YouTube

We have many Olas Ti users

The Olas Ti draw from a dedicated line sodium chlorite stream that increases total acidified sodium chlorite, activated and lowers pH of end use solution, which was part of my original design. Two other lines draw from sodium chlorite and acid, which combined with residence time to creates free chlorine dioxide and measurable stable force of the most potent micro reduction antimicrobial solution. Many current Olas systems only include the chlorine dioxide manufacturing, which is not usable where FSIF 7120.1 Acidified Sodium Chlorite is concern.
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